About Us

Who We Are

After having worked in the baby product industry for several years in the United Kingdom, our team had the chance to learn and understand what challenges parents face during the first part of the child raising journey.

As a consequence of this, we decided to create kinglonbaby.com to provide seamless solutions to those problems.

We seek to improve sustainability in this industry as well as lowering the total expenses bared by the parents while raising their children. We plan to achieve this by re-introducing to the market items that are still in great condition but are of no use anymore for a family. In this way, a new family could benefit from great products at a lower price while at the same time reducing the environmental impact, and putting money back into the previous owner pocket.

Let's Talk Specifics

Specifically, we want to introduce a buy back program where parents are free to resell their items such as prams or high-chairs that are in great conditions, allowing them to reduce waste and recover a part of the expense.

Kinglonbaby.com also take incredibly seriously privacy and customers data. We know how much your information are important to you. For this reason, we store the least amount of data as possible on our secure servers and leave the sensitive information, such as payment information to the big guys, like Google or PayPal. This has 2 specific advantages.

Firstly, you likely already gave your payment data to these companies, which means that you don’t have to unnecessarily spread it around.

Secondly, these companies have big teams responsible for the safety of customers data, which means that you can rest even more easy when processing payments.

Our core values are Honesty, Reliability and Responsibility and these values are reflected in our day to day operation and in the way we set up our business model.

To conclude, our final hope is to make your parent journey less stressful and more enjoyable by providing what you need, without breaking the bank, in a reliable, sustainable, and quick way. Let us worry about providing what you need, so that you can focus on enjoying your time doing what you love.